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Tenants Guide to Renting

When you decide to rent a property, it's got its similarities when making that choice in buying a property, it can be one of the most exciting and daunting times you will experience in your lifetime. With our local knowledge and experience, we will make this one of the most coherent, hassle-free experiences.
  • Step 1

    Guide to Renting

    Choosing the right property

    Please take all elements into consideration when you are deciding on what property you wish to rent.

    Have a realistic budget and make sure you include all the bills that are associated with renting a property, Rates, Water tax (If in ROI), contents insurance plus all other monthly bills that you can accrue.
    What property type would you like to live in?
    Think about location, do i need to be close to work? Where are the public transport links?
    How many bedrooms do you need? would you consider sharing a property?
    Do you require a furnished property?
    Are you looking to rent short or long term?
    Will the landlord allow pets?

    Once you have an idea on your requirements please contact our office or have a look at our current rental properties available.

    View Available Properties
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    Guide to Renting

    The Tenancy details

    Before you view the property of choice, check all the details with us. If you have any questions regarding the following please ask for assistance:

    How Much is the rent per week?
    What is the duration of the tenancy
    What date will the property be available from?
    Will the property be furnished / part furnished? if not, can we give a list of what's included
    Will any refurbishments be carried out?
    Does the landlord allow to decorate?
    Are there tenancy restrictions?
    Exactly how much deposit / rent & fees are due prior to move in?

    If you are happy with the property, please make arrangements to view the property

  • Step 3

    Guide to Renting

    Arrange your viewing

    Please contact our office to arrange your viewing, we will provide a suitable time. Please ensure that on your day of viewing you contact our office before 10am to confirm you are still able to attend. Please note if you do not confirm you're viewing, the viewing will become void and no representative will be at the viewing.

    During your viewing, please ask our agent any further information you require. If you feel that the property is suitable.

    Download a tenant application form & Tenant referencing document and submit this to our office along with your two character references in writing & Photographic ID

    If you are unable to attend our office we will have the option of submitting pdfs by email.

    We then carry out your reference checks and will be in touch within 5 days.

    Tenant application form Tenant referencing document
  • Step 4

    Guide to Renting

    Tenant Application

    Once we have received your application for tenancy & related documentation as stated above we will have them reviewed and will be in touch once we receive notification that your application has been accepted.

    On your application, please complete all the blanks by giving accurate information as during cross checks if there any irregularities that will automatically invalidate your application, and you will not be offered a lease on the property.

    Finally, when all the references have been accepted and everything is agreed and signed by all tenants (and, if necessary, guarantors), a moving in date can be arranged. So as they say, You're good to go!


    At this stage we now need you to make financial commitment, by way of paying your deposit (Normally £500) and Administration fee of £65. Your deposit will be protected by the Tenancy Deposit scheme. You will receive all relevant documentation from the TDS Scheme within 14 days from paying this.

  • Step 5

    Guide to Renting

    Can you afford this property

    Through our tenant referencing checks we have a way in which the affordability is worked out according to a standard scale this takes into consideration your net Income, If there are two tenants applying for the property , you will each be reference checked for affordability based on 50% of the rent.

    Example: If your property is £1000 PCM, multiply £650 x 30 = £19,500 would be the annual salary required by tenant or combined tenant.

  • Step 6

    Guide to Renting


    A guarantor acts to "guarantee" us the agent any outstanding rent for the duration of your tenancy.

    The Guarantor steps inif you fail to pay your rent due, your guarantor will be responsible for covering the bill. You will be required to have a guarantor if your earnings are not considered high enough for you to be able to pay your rent comfortably.

    This is often the case if you work part time, if you are a student, Housing benefit or if you're looking to rent a property that has a high rental figure in comparison with your net salary.

    Guarantors normally are parents, close family members or friends, but they can be anyone based in the UK or Ireland for more than 12 months and in full time employment and is fully committed and understands the obligations that they are committed to.

    We recommend they seek independent legal advice before they agree to such terms.

  • Step 7

    Guide to Renting

    Moving in Day

    Finally the day has come to where you are getting the keys to your new property. Here are are few pointers and checklist that you should take into account.

    And please try be as organised as possible! This will help you in this stressful time!

    Photographic ID: this can be a driving licence or passport (we will need to be able to see the original copy) Just so you are who you say you are.
    A debit/credit card or cash so that you can pay your rent.
    We will also meet you at the property to carry out a Pre-Move In Inspection and review the inventory with you present
  • Step 8

    Guide to Renting

    What happens to my deposit?

    As you paid your deposit to us you're agent. We are liable to fully protect your deposit with one of the government authorised deposit schemes. We are in fact affiliated with the TDS Northern Ireland.

    This is to ensure that your deposit will be fully refunded at the end of tenancy or if any disputes arise, they are easier to resolve.

    Within 14 days of paying your deposit we as your agent is required by law to fulfill you with details about your protected deposit. This includes contact details and policy number of the tenancy deposit scheme and what to do if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy, after your tenancy ends the landlord or agent will be required to inform you of any deductions within 10 working days of your tenancy end date.

  • Step 9

    Guide to Renting

    Who do I contact during the tenancy if i need any repairs?

    This will depend on whether or not your property is "Let Only" or "Managed". The vast majority of our properties are "Managed".

    In the event that your property is "Let Only" your first point of call for any issues regarding the tenancy, rent payments, Repairs, tenancy renewals.

    If your property is "Managed" you are to contact us regarding any issues that arise. We have an online dashboard for tenants to login and submit any enquiries they have in relation to the tenancy.

    This function also allows you to report any repairs that may arise during your tenancy it also gives you a step by step guide on how to identify the actual problem.

    Report a Repair
  • Step 10

    Guide to Renting

    I want to move out before my tenancy ends?

    When undertaking a tenancy you are entering into a legally bound contract for a set term. This usually is for a period of 6 or 12 months,

    Example: For that set period, you are responsible for rental payments on the property you have entered into agreement on, regardless of your change in circumstances and you wish terminate your lease.

    However, we understand at times things happen that are totally out of your control and you need to vacate a property. When this situation occurs, with the landlord's approval, the property can be re-advertised for rental. This being the case, the current tenant will cease to be responsible for the rent once the new tenant moves into the property and a new lease commences. This is to avoid loss to the landlord.

    If a suitable new tenant cannot be found, you the current tenant will remain responsible for paying the rent and associated bills until the tenancy ends.

    In other words, the period of "notice to quit" really depends on how quickly we can source a new tenant.

  • Step 11

    Guide to Renting

    My Lease will be expiring?

    You now have two options. You can either renew your tenancy (Providing the landlord is willing to proceed) or you can give us "notice" that you are moving out.

    If that is the case, we now need to re market your property for rent. This normally will be 4 weeks prior to your move out. During this time we be carrying our viewings on the property, 24hrs notice will be given before we access.

Move out day

When this time comes, please make sure on the following:

  • Return your keys to us on time or you will be charged additional rent & fees
  • Provide a forwarding address.
  • Remove all rubbish and clean the property *Fees will apply
  • Check your inventory.
  • Put all furniture back where it was at the start of the tenancy (see your inventory).
  • Contact utility providers and inform of your move-out.
  • Arrange a check out appointment through your agent.

Once you've vacated the property, we will carry out a full check and make sure everything is ok, you'll receive notification from us of any deductions from your deposit for damage within 10 working days after you have returned they keys. If we find any issues we will also be in contact to discuss.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have issues in finding another suitable property, we will be very glad to help you find new property.

*Fee list will be provided on your property move-in

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